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Muscles, breasts, tattoo’s, gestures, haircut’s; why do we have the feeling that some combination of bodily elements confirm the gender binary and others don’t? What makes a body fluid and what is the role of representation in the media? Is representation the ultimate goal or shall we withdraw from struggles for visibility? 

Event details of VOX-POP x PRIDE PHOTO | Imaging Fluidity
Date 30 June 2021
Time 19:30 -21:00
Image: Kennedi Carter - Nichelle Flexing

On the 30th of June, VOX-POP and Pride Photo will host an event in the occasion of the travelling Pride Photo Award exhibition. This evening, scholar Toni Pape, expertized in Queer Media Studies, will give a lecture on gender fluidity in the contemporary media landscape. Together with the general director of Pride Photo: Hein Jan Keijzer, and managing digital content and social media of Pride Photo (and currently studying a research Master in Gender Studies at Utrecht University with a focuses on non-binary gender identities and digital/data representation): Rhian Farnworth, we will dive into this year's Pride Photo exhibition.  

Toni Pape

Toni Pape is lecturer at the department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. His research concerns the political dimension of contemporary media aesthetics. His book Figures of Time comprehends complex time structures of recent television shows. On the centre of his most recent research, "The Aesthetics of Stealth,” stands the theme constructed invisibility in media and the active philosophical dimension of “becoming imperceptible.” 

Pride Photo 

This year, Pride Photo launched a big outdoor exhibition. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the planned 2020 Pride Photo exhibition could not take place last November. In order to share the winning photos with the general public, it was decided to create an open-air exhibition. The exhibition consists of 20 large panels, showing the winning images of last year, and a selection of images submitted to the 2020 Pride Photo Award, where more than 2,500 photos were entered from more than 40 countries. The jury, which consisted of Viviane Sassen, Jessica Gysel, Arthur Kibbelaar, Bertan Selim and Micha Bruinvels (curator), reported that the images are “...a tribute to the diversity of the stories, human curiosity, and the plight of the global LGBTQ + community.”

Excited to explore the theme of "Imaging Fluidity' together? Please sign up via the link below and hopefully we will see you on the 30th at VOX-POP!

This event is free of charge. However due to the limited seats available signing up is mandatory.