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Join us and get to know the work of the 13 artists of the Humanities Ever After exhibition! In a series of 4 online talks we will discuss the projects of Humanities Ever After, each time with a different group of artists, each time centered around a different theme.

Event details of ONLINE TALK | Humanities Ever After: Association, Language & Meaning
Date 25 February 2021
Time 20:30 -21:30
Photo: Annie van der Werff

We use language, concepts, images, stereotypes and symbols, to define the world around us. However, do we share the same definitions? And are these meanings set in stone or can we create new ones? In Humanities Ever After’s third online talk, we will dive into these questions together with Anna Püschel, Max Eyschen and Michal Noy. The works of these three artists interact with the theme of association in their own way. In ‘The Encyclopaedia of the Uncertain’ Anna explores the topic of doubt to approach the problematic definition of the "truth". Max’s mosaic of posters 'Moritz’ illustrates how both space and time intervene in creating meaning. And by inviting us to create our own meanings, Michal’s installation ‘First I Learned to Talk, Then I Learned to Walk’, makes us conscious over our existing "normal" terms.