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Do you ever wonder how cities change at night? On the 14th of March, our student-in-residence Alina Tomescu will be presenting the second edition of her programme series “Nocturnal Dialogues”. In this series, we will discover the various dimensions of the city at night by bringing together academics and night practitioners for interactive discussions. The second edition will delve into the theme of night rituals. The night has often been associated with mysticism and it can provide a convivial space for exchange, storytelling and coming together. Through an intimate session, we will explore various rituals of coming together in the night, from religious traditions to contemporary forms of secular spirituality.
Event details of Nocturnal Dialogues #2: Rituals at Night
14 March 2024
18:45 -21:00
BG 3

Rituals at night

The second edition of this programme will focus on tracing the transformative power of nocturnal gatherings, from religious processions, fasting practices, all the way to astrology and raves as contemporary forms of spirituality.

In the first session of Nocturnal Dialogues, we learned about the night as a sanctuary from societal expectations, providing a space for introspection. Now, we will delve deeper into the significant role the night plays in rituals of coming together and worldbuilding. What kinds of worlds, communities, and unique forms of gathering and belonging have been built within the in the absence of daytime pressures?

The evening will start at sunset (18:45) with an iftar meal, consisting of vegan soup, bread and dates. Please register in time to secure your spot.

Peter Jan Margry is a historian and a professor em. of European Ethnology at the University of Amsterdam. His current focus is on contemporary religious cultures, religious and alternative healing, cultural memory practices and cultural heritage.

Hasret Emine is a writer, artist, astrologer, and researcher from Türkiye, based in Rotterdam. Through their platform Pembe they showcase grassroots stories, mostly in the form of cinema & poetry, while hosting zine making workshops. Their work has been shown & performed in Rijksmuseum, Mama Rotterdam, The Low Countries, The Bowery Leeds, and Lilith Magazine.

Cosmia Absurd is a drag artist and a professional tarot reader. Based in Amsterdam, originally from Poland, her performances are inspired by witchcraft, trans activism, Slavic folklore, and psychedelia. Never willing to fall in strict definitions, her art balances between pure camp, high art and spiritual revelation.


The evening will be facilitated by Meggy Pepelanova, a game designer based in Amsterdam. She is passionate about creating meaningful ways of coming together, and the power of play to create transformative experiences.

Alina Tomescu, photographed by Bente Tas

About student-in-residence Alina Tomescu

Alina has always been passionate about cities and the way that culture contributes to their development. She worked for 7 years on various projects related to heritage and cultural programming in relation to regional and local development.  In 2021 she went back to university to focus on exploring academically what the city at night means, and how night studies can enhance her practice until that moment. She noticed that she and several of her friends would feel more comfortable during the night, and that the city opens itself up for different uses during the dark hours. She dived into this topic first through a pre-masters in Cultural Sociology at Erasmus Rotterdam, and then through a more humanities-focused master's programme at the UVA in Comparative Cultural Analysis.

Practical information

The event takes place on March 14 and is from 18:45 to 21:00. The evening will start with an iftar meal at 18.45. Participation is free, but due to limited spots, we ask that you sign up in advance.

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Binnengasthuisstraat 9
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