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In this new calendar year, VOX-POP is starting a new deepening of the talent programme. Every year, we already accommodate a group of five students who want to develop as programme makers and gain work experience. In addition, for students or recent graduates who already have work experience and want to create a programme independently, we now offer two student residencies per year. This year, we are working with Alina Tomescu and Sam Kailani.
Alina Tomescu presents: Nocturnal Dialogues
Have you every thought about the ways in which cities change at night? In her new programme series 'Nocturnal Dialogues' our student-in-residence Alina Tomescu aims to explore the various dimensions of the urban night. We will uncover its dynamics and foster meaningful conversations between night studies scholars and night communities. In five sessions, we will explore and stretch the concept of the city at night with themes such as the history of nightlife, night rituals across cultures, nature and ecosystems during the night, night-specific activism and the politics of music.
Student in residence at VOX-POP

In 2024, our residents will develop a programme series at VOX-POP. They receive a basic fee, a programme budget and content and production guidance. They can raise any additional funds themselves. Conditions are that such a programme makes a link between everyday life and humanities, involves the academic community of the Faculty of Humanities as well as communities from the city, and highlights innovative perspectives.

Sam Kailani presents: New Religion
It seems like we in the West have lost our religion, but is that really the case? And what is religion at all? In his public programme series 'New Religion', our student-in-residence Sam Kailani tries to answer this question. In three editions, we'll explore the meaning of religion and the various new forms of religion that are emerging. Why is it that Westerners are converting to Universal Sufism, does the Climate Movement resemble religion, and what role will artificial intelligence play in the supernatural?