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Rosa Klerkx

System for Interpretation, 2020

Both of the dancers seen on the screens are inexperienced performers. They listen to instructions through headphones, explaining the movements one by one: “Step to the left – Swing arms to the right – Bring your hips forward.” Although the movements have been practiced a few times beforehand, both dancers carry them out in their own way. This results in a performance that could be done by anyone, in sync, yet different each time.

‘System for Interpretation’ is a working method created from the desire to connect movement, sound and drawn patterns. It starts from numbers, which are then translated into a choreography, a sound piece, and a 2D pattern. Inspired by movement notation systems that are used to document choreographies, Rosa Klerkx developed ‘System for Interpretation’ to emphasize there is no need for exact notations. The final work mostly depends on how the performer interprets and gives shape to the instructions.

Photos: Annie van der Werff
Still from 'System for Interpretation’ by Rosa Klerkx

Rosa Klerkx (1996, NL) graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2018. With her video/installation work she got selected for the Scottish New Contemporaries and was awarded the RSA Friends Award by the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh in 2019. Her work has been part of the exhibition ‘A Billboard Facing A Wall’ that traveled to three different cities in England and Scotland. After spending the past six years living and working in the United Kingdom, Rosa recently moved back to Amsterdam and has created this new video installation specially for VOX-POP.