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In 2016, our very first program committee started the VOX-POP program series CLOSE UP: evenings in which social issues are highlighted from a humanities perspective by various experts and artists. We talked about mathematics, discussed political visual culture and zoomed in on the role of cultural initiatives in Amsterdam. The highlight of 2016 was our closing event where we organized a summer party about nostalgia.

#1.1 The Formula of Beauty
An evening on the synergy between mathematics and art: mathematical art! With Rens Bod (UvA), Darien Brito, and Hans Kuiper (Ars et Mathesis).

#1.2 The Art of Visual Politics
How do politicians use images and how are images used against politicians? VOX-POP examined visual culture in politics from historical perspectives, the written word, and satirical imagery. With Natalie Scholz (UvA), Nicole Kaandorp, and Tom Janssen (Trouw).

#1.3 The City as Culture Factory
An evening on the role of cultural initiatives in social cohesion in the city. With Zef Hemel (UvA), Nicole Kaandorp, and Maren Siebert (Foam).

#1.4 SUMMERFEST: Nostalgia
What does nostalgia really mean and what can we do with it? An evening of old-fashioned nostalgic entertainment. With Gaston Franssen (UvA), Café Chercher, and Bugra Gedik.

Our first program committee: Sara, Zará, project leader Marte and Thirza.